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They Should Love You but They Hurt You

What Is Domestic Abuse?

There are times when abuse or cruel behaviour happens in families or between boyfriends and girlfriends. This can be confusing because this person is the one who is supposed to care for you or protect you. It may even be happening between your parents and not to you directly. If this is happening in your home or love relationship it is called domestic abuse.

What are the signs? You may be in an abusive relationship if a parent, partner or lover:

In all these cases the abuser aims to control, frighten, intimidate, terrorise, manipulate, humiliate and/or injure you.

Making changes in an abusive relationship is not easy, because you may feel frightened or worn down. Think about what you can do to change the situation – even taking a small step can help. Like telling someone you trust what is happening.

Need help for violence or abuse? Or do you know a teen in trouble? Call the Tithandizane Helpline on 116 or visit the help pages below.


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: talking to some one you trust is queit alright; but a human ㍴ being is somehow un understandable They may b talking with someone Behind your back or Even that may not be the case; You Dont feel the same again around them after telling them your story and you are like he or she knows so much about me; What do they think of me. hasn't he or she talked to someone about it. when domestic violence is between your parent what can i do about it? ....

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