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LoverBoy – I pushed her too far

It’s something I will always regret...

I was so in love with my girlfriend. She was three years younger than me and just 14. But I thought she was mature and really special.

When we first started dating, she said she wasn’t ready for sex. I didn’t want to force her into it. I wanted her to be as much into our first time as I would be. So I waited. But I’ve got needs. So whenever we would make out, I would try to push the envelope a little further. And she would always stop me.

This one time we were chilling in my room and we got frisky. I needed to touch her. I was desperate. She finally gave in and we had sex. In my head she’d decided she was ready because she didn’t tell me to stop that time. But the next day at school she ignored me.

I tried and failed to get her to open up to me. When she finally did, I was stunned. She said she had to go because she didn’t trust me anymore; that she no longer felt safe with me. And just like that she was gone…

Pressuring someone to have sex – or to do anything they don’t want to do – is wrong. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions free from pressure and the right to say no without feeling guilty. Take it slow and easy. You’re too young to do something you may later regret.


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Yea it's not good to force a girl to have sex because you don't know thinking that time and sometimes she can sty quite just to see if you respect her

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that's absolutely true don't force matters

8 months, 4 weeks Ago Report

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