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What is Vaginal Discharge?

Learn How Your Body Stays Clean

You’ll notice that sometimes you see a creamy white or yellow smear in your panties. This is vaginal discharge. At different times in your cycle, you will have more or less discharge. It can be thin and watery, thick and stretchy like egg whites, or thick and creamy. The fluid carries away dead cells and bacteria and is your body’s natural way to keep the vagina clean and healthy. There’s no need to use pads or cloths to catch your discharge. If it is bothering you, you can use a tissue or a panty liner (which is a thin pad that keeps your undies clean).

If the discharge smells bad or looks brown or green, it’s a sign that there’s an infection. If this happens, it’s best to visit a nurse or doctor to get it checked out. Some vaginal infections, like yeast infections, happen when organisms that are normally in the vagina multiply too much. When this happens, the vulva becomes itchy, red and irritated. This is not a sexually transmitted infection and can be treated easily.

Vaginal discharge is normal for every girl. If you notice an unusual discharge, visit a health facility for a test and you can get medicine to clear up the infection.


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