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Not Ready to Fall Pregnant!

What are some popular methods?

Hidden contraceptives like an implant, injection or IUD are popular. They are 'hidden' because nobody will know you are using them but you unless you tell them. The contraceptive pill also lets young women depend on themselves to prevent unintended pregnancy.

These birth control methods are great to prevent a pregnancy, but the problem is they won't keep you safe from STIs or HIV. Only a male or female condom can prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. That's why it is always best to use a condom as well as your chosen birth control method, when you are old enough to start having sex.

Why are the hidden methods so popular?

  1. They're safe for young women.
  2. They're effective at preventing pregnancy.
  3. They're private - which means they are not visible to others.
  4. They're convenient - no daily pills to take.
  5. They're removable when you’re ready to get pregnant.
  6. They're long-acting protection against pregnancy.

What is an implant?
These are small flexible rods about the size of a matchstick. They are inserted into your upper arm by a trained health provider. The implant will stay there for 3-5 years and provide protection against pregnancy. When the implant is removed by a trained health provider, the woman can become pregnant very soon thereafter.

Remember, IUDs and implants protect against pregnancy, but they are not enough as they do not protect against STIs or HIV. Always use a condom as well in order to stay safe.

You can get an implant, injection or contraceptive advice free at a healthcare facility near you. Visit them and ask what method will work best for you.

Girls, if you are old enough to have sex, what form of birth control are you currently using and why?

Guys, do you think contraception is your business too? Do you ask a lover if she's on contraception before you decide to have sex?


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