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CityPrincess: Just some summer fun

Or is it something more?

The guy I met last holiday was handsome and fun. We had so much chemistry that I wanted it to last forever.

When my two-week holiday drew to an end, I started to wonder if it was over. Were we just a two-week fling - or was there something more?

I suggested to him that we exchange digits and see each other after the holiday.

A cloud settled over his face and our summer days. That was the first sign that he thought our holiday romance was nothing more than no-strings-attached fun.

Here are 3 signs that your fling is not going to become a relationship:

  1. No future plans to see each other. They love your company, but don’t mention seeing you again after the holiday. That's a clear sign you’re just living in the moment.
  2. Your holiday activities are limited to ‘hooking up’. But there's not much talking or getting to know more about each others’ lives.
  3. Real life takes a back seat. You are not introduced to family or friends. Your holiday fling avoids conversation about real life. Focus is on the fantasy of the moment and the fling.

Just like the summer, it won’t last.

Holidays are around the corner - but be sure you get a break, not a broken heart. Know the difference between real romance and a fling and remember that when it comes to sex, the only no-strings-attached sex is protected sex. Stay safe so your holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Do you have summer fling advice to share?


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