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MrRight: Want to build a future?

Make the most of what you’ve got

I keep hearing people complaining about not doing that project, or starting that task, or planning their big dream – because they don't have the time.

Friends, all you have is time!

Spot the opportunity
I see you wasting hours hanging out on the streets. While you’re there, notice who needs their house painted, whose door needs to be mended. Is there an old person who can’t walk to the shop for food anymore? These scenes may sound depressing – but they are opportunities to network, to offer your services in exchange for cash, to help out a neighbour so you can earn a favour in return.

Use your skills
You go to clubs, taverns and bars. You try to impress girls or make friends with the older, cooler guys. But why don’t you turn your love of nightlife into something that is tradeable? Can you write? Contact the local newspaper and offer to write reviews of events, new venue openings, social events. Got a phone? Take photos. Being an Instagram king may not get you a job – yet. But you could be spotted by someone who needs a school, wedding or event photographer. You have to practice your skills to improve them. Most people end up earning a living by following their passion – because what you spend time doing, you get good at.

Build your personal brand
I see you messaging friends on Whatsapp or looking good on Facebook. You’re building your own personal brand every time you post something on social media. Now make it work for you. Post photos of yourself in a suit and tie and offer your services as an office or shop assistant. Use your granny’s relationship advice – or even the articles on this site – and offer it to others online so you become the person to ask when it comes to matters of the heart. Make sure that what you post online helps you build a good personal brand!

Make an impression
Be nice. Smile. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’. People remember you if you make a good impression. So when they need someone to help with something, they are more likely to think of you first. People skills are among the most important. People with half the brains and talent as others can get far in life because of their people skills.

Mr Right says you can go places if you spend your time wisely. What advice do you have for young people trying to get somewhere in the world?


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This article takes me to the end of ages It moves my spirit in me Each time a read it I think of different approach on everything around me

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