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My Opinion: Boys Are Not Bank Accounts

Taking Money Leads to...

Girls take this as a lesson: Your boyfriend is your closest and best friend. But he is not your bank account.

Girls who take money from their boyfriends should only be grown up women who are ready and prepared to become mothers. Am I saying you are not supposed to take any money from your boyfriend? No! But men are not the same as having a bank account.

Because most of you girls, you don't know that the moment your boyfriend gives you money, you can count the days before he is going to ask for sex.

Then can you say no? You could, but you will probably find it difficult because you are already in a vulnerable position. Your boyfriend might think that you have started an exchange and you have already taken your share. Even though you know that you didn’t agree to sell yourself when he offered you money.

You boys out there, this is an important lesson and it's your choice to take it seriously or not. Your girlfriend is your best and closest friend. She is there to share your fun, give you advice about life, share her good ideas and moral codes and she can keep you company when you are bored.

But she’s not your sex machine. Sex is for grown up men who are ready to be fathers. For boys, sex is just having fun. But remember, if you have unprotected sex, a girl can become pregnant and then both of you will have to face some really big decisions.

This Tune Me reader has a powerful point. Don’t mess up your future in exchange for a cell phone, dress, handbag or some cash. Those items will age but a baby (or HIV) will remain with you for a lifetime. Even if you get a gift from someone, you can refuse sex with them. If you do decide to have sex with someone, use a condom to protect yourself.


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