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MyStory: Am I dressing too sexy?

Bullies on the streets

Walking on the streets in the town I sometimes feel like we live in the dark ages. I can’t wear summer dresses. Oh no, if I dress nicely I have to dodge men.

Some swear at me and call me cheap names. Others whistle. What do I do? I just walk on.

I don’t respond because I’m scared that if I stand up for myself I will get hurt. I’m also not confident that other women will help me.

Why do they do it? Most of the time they think you are dressed “indecently‟. Nobody stands up to these bullies! Women’s organisations don’t take it seriously. The police are useless. I’ve never heard of someone being arrested or being criticised for calling women names. Maybe if people took action against these men it would stop!

Until then I have to keep my good clothes for home. I cannot wear what I want when going into town.

A short skirt or tight clothing does not mean a girl wants attention from men. But sometimes it is better to play it safe if you know you are in a dangerous area. Keep your ‘sexy clothes’ for the right time and place or around friends who think you look great. Do you agree?

This story was written by a Tune Me community member.


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