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MyStory: His kiss is golden

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My best friend dared me to kiss the hottest guy in our college. He was quiet, but he oozed confidence. All the girls were crazy about him.

I spent the week trying to start a conversation and, luckily, he responded. We went for coffee and within a few weeks I got my golden kiss.

But then I realised that I really liked him! This was not part of the plan. I didn't know how I would break the news to my friend.

Plus, how was I ever going to explain it to him that there was more than simple attraction at work?

The relationship was sweet but short-lived. His kiss was golden, but he caught the eye of many other girls, and kissed them all too!

Kissing is fun and a great way to find out if you want to spend more time with each other. But be careful not to give your heart (or anything else) away for just a golden kiss!

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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