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MyStory: If you cheat then I cheat

Who learns a lesson?

I had been with my boyfriend for six months when I caught him cheating.

Our relationship started as a dare from a friend. She said: “If you manage to get a kiss from that guy, I'll buy you lunch for a week!”

It was easy to do and I got my free lunches!

He was perfect guy - young, giving and fun. Until one Saturday when he told me not to come over because he would be hanging with the boys.

Late that Saturday afternoon, I called him to see if he was having fun. No answer! I kept calling but still no answer. I was worried so I went over to his house. As I turned onto his street, there he was - kissing another girl goodbye!

I forgave him but I started cheating on him. I didn’t feel bad about it. In fact, sometimes I would tell him how much fun I had with another guy.

He finally told me he couldn't be in the relationship anymore. So we broke up. I’m better off without him. But he turned me into a bad girl. I regret cheating on him, but he did it first.

Cheating in order to punish the other person is never a good idea. If someone hurts you, it’s better to end the relationship or work on overcoming the hurt together. Having multiple sexual partners puts you at risk of catching an STI or even HIV.

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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