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MyStory: I’m kissing your boyfriend

It’s not really my fault

I’ve always said that women should support each other. This included staying away from men with girlfriends and wives. That was, until I met a gorgeous guy on holiday. I knew he had a girlfriend, but I just couldn't help myself!

We had an intense connection. I forgot about everyone else, even his girlfriend. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so exciting!

I felt like he had more responsibility to his girlfriend than I did. After all, I didn’t even know her!

Besides, I never forced him to do anything with me. He was the one doing all the pursuing! So why should I feel guilty?

If you are having sex with a cheat, you’re also sleeping with all their past and present partners too! And if they’re cheating with you, they’re probably cheating on you too.

What do think - is it YOUR job to ignore a person in a relationship - or is it THEIR job to ignore you?

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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