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MyStory: My dad beats my mom

This is what I watch

Since I was five I have watched my father beat up my mom. I was too young to understand what was happening. Did he not like her? Had she done something wrong?

He used to get really angry when he had been drinking. One Friday he came home drunk and was angry about nothing. Mom tried to calm him down but he pushed her away. She fell to the floor and passed out. She stayed there for a long time. He didn't even seem to care. I hid and watched.

When she woke up he told her to ‘go and get some sleep’.

The next day I remember him telling her that she was ‘no longer useful’. I didn't know what he meant but I knew I didn't like it.

They had an argument and then he left for a few days. When he came back she asked where he was. He told her it was none of her business.

When I asked him if he loved her he said that he did. why would you treat someone you love so badly?

Earlier this year he was drunk again. This time he came home and the food wasn't ready. He stared hitting her so badly she ended up in hospital.

Seeing violence and abuse can be devastating. It can be hard to know how to help - or if you can. One way to get help is to tell someone else what is happening. Speak to a trusted adult, a minister or the police.

This story was written by a Tune Me community member.


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