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MyStory: They call me Ugly Body

My looks are not my friends

I’m a small guy. So the two years between Grade 7 and 9 were the longest of my life. Everyone laughed at how tiny I was. I was teased by all the kids at school.

Most of the time I felt hated and hurt. I thought of giving up school so many times. I even thought of dropping out. I didn’t take part in any of the school events or sports. I knew everyone would laugh at me.

Then in Grade 9 I decided to speak to my pastor. Just talking to someone wise helped me understand so much.

He helped me see the good in myself. He advised me to focus on my marks. He said I shouldn’t pay too much attention to what others had to say about my body. He reminded me that there’s more to me than how I look. Like my sense of humour and my dance moves. His words made a huge difference to my life. It helped me not let the words of the other kids hurt me too much.

I no longer feel angry with others if they comment on my size. Once they get to know me they realise that being short is not a curse. It’s just one of many ways people can look.

Being a couple of centimeters shorter or taller than your friends can really blow your confidence. But being short doesn’t mean you can’t succeed! Focus on the qualities that make you a catch. There’s something special about everyone.

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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