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MyStory: Trapped in the room

My stepbrother is scaring me

When I was a little girl my mum used to send me for holidays to the village where her younger sister lived. My aunt was married to a policeman and she was a hairdresser. She had her own four kids (three boys and one girl) and four stepsons.

My aunt used to leave home and go to the hair salon in the morning. She’d only come back much later in the evening. At night, she would drink.

One day I was home alone because I wasn’t feeling well. I was sleeping in the bedroom when my aunt’s stepson came in. He sat by the bed and demanded sex.

I made up a story that I needed to go to the passage to check if anyone was there. I told him to wait for me to come back. He did just that.

Of course I didn’t come back! I rushed straight to the street where there were other people around. He was left waiting for me in the bedroom and I got away.

This Tune Me reader used quick thinking to get away from a potentially dangerous situation. If you feel ever scared or uncomfortable, make sure you leave immediately and get help and report the situation so you are not in a difficult situation in the future.

This story was written by a Tune Me community member.


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