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MyStory: Want to date me?

Answer these 3 things first

Sometimes, I feel that dating is a waste of time. It takes so long to get to know someone. And then you might find out something you don’t like. But I have found a way to narrow it down.

Now I ask the guy a few questions before I go out with him. It’s like a mini quiz!

1. What are your dreams?
The last thing I need is to be is with a guy who’s not ambitious. I want to know he has goals and dreams that he’s working towards. It also helps me figure out if our goals are in line. I need to know if we are headed in similar directions.

2. Why did your last relationship end?
It's important to know why he's single. I read between the lines of what he says to understand his relationship history. For instance, if he says his ex was crazy jealous, I have to wonder what he was doing to make her suspicious. And if all his exes are “crazy”, maybe he’s the problem!

3. What are your friends like?
I asked a guy this question recently and he texted saying, 'Man, my friends are totally crazy! We went out after football and ended up in so much trouble...' Big warning sign.

Getting to know someone is part of the process of falling in love. Don’t skip that step and rush into a serious relationship too soon.

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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So educative

3 years, 11 months Ago Report

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Dominic 19

What if the guy tells you lies??

4 years, 12 months Ago Report

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