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NewGirl: He wants to ditch the condom

What can a girl do?

Condoms are causing some tension in my friend’s relationship. When Chipasha unwrapped the condom, Kondwani stopped her.

“How about we skip it tonight?”| he suggested. She frowned at him. They had been together for two years - since she was 16 - and she trusted that he was faithful. But she wasn’t on other contraception and really didn’t want to risk a pregnancy.

“I was just thinking… why don’t we try to have a baby?” he said.

Chipasha laughed. It sounded outrageous. She was only 18!

“I think it would be amazing to be parents,” he said. “We’d have our own little family. C’mon babe, I want to feel you finally!”

Chipasha told him she wasn’t ready to have a child and that they should take time to really think about it. A few days later when they were both in the mood for sex, Kondwani suggested not wearing the condom again.

Chipasha was annoyed. Was this going to be the theme every time they wanted to get intimate? Arguing about condoms instead of enjoying each other?

Chipasha confided in me that she doesn’t know what to do. If he continues like this, she is going to go on the pill without telling him. She doesn’t want to lie, but she doesn’t want a baby yet - and she doesn’t know what else to do.

Chipasha wants to protect herself from pregnancy by using the pill. She also wants to protect herself from an STI or HIV infection by always using a condom. Follow her example! Double protection means your future and your health are both protected - and you can still be with the one you love.


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