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SmartSista: Only 15 and a mom

Is this any future?

I walked past a schoolgirl the other day. A really pretty girl, about 15. She had her book bag slung over her shoulder. She could have passed for any other high school kid, except for the very noticeable bump under her school jersey.

There were some older boys, also in school uniform, walking just behind her. I couldn't help wondering if one of them was the dad-to-be. And all I thought was … stupid kids.

I started thinking about whether her own mom would help with the baby. If she had a good support structure at home? How would she be able to afford baby food and nappies? Would her mom have to work harder to support another mouth? Would she drop out of school completely or wait to finish once the baby was born? Would the dad be involved in the kid's life or would he just get on with his own life, as so many have done in the past?

My brain switched to thinking about how she found herself in this situation. Did she not know the dangers of unsafe sex? Did she not have a condom in the heat of the moment? Did she feel pressure from her friends? Did her boyfriend convince her there was no risk involved?

And when she found out she was pregnant how did he react? Was he supportive? It all just seems like such a big thing for such a young girl to be expected to handle.

Sex does not have to lead to a pregnancy if it is safe sex. Make sure you always use a condom. If your guy doesn’t want to use a condom, then he is not thinking about your future.

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