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YoungGuy What makes a guy good or bad

... in bed?

I probably won’t have to worry about this for a while but it seems to be all I think about. A girl told me recently that most guys THINK they are amazing in bed, but they actually aren’t! This is keeping me awake at night with worry.

How do I get it right?

I found an online study to find out what women consider being "good vs bad in bed". I wanted actual techniques so I was amazed at what girls really said.

1.Glove love (good)
Girls said that guys who always had a condom on hand were definitely good in bed. They said it took the stress of a pregnancy or HIV out of sex allowing them to relax and enjoy the ride. It’s not sexy to stress, they said.

2.Clean down below (good)
Basic stuff, but most girls said a bad smell, unclean parts of any kind of rash, blister or problem is a turn-off. Noted.

3.Going for gold (bad)
Girls say that a guy who just wants penetration is a bore. They say they are far more interested in kissing, touching and flirting. A lesson some guys don’t want to hear!

I know I am years off actually getting a lady into my bed, but it’s never too soon to research and plan, is it?

Finding out what is good in bed comes with time, and being in a loving relationship. YoungGuy will find out…. In time.

What do you think makes a man good in bed? Add to our list!


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