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Do you have questions on love, sex and relationships?

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Get Help for Health Problems, Drugs & Alcohol, Stress & Depression

Tune Me is here to help. Browse our menu sections for health advice. If you need to talk to someone or get help, try the options below:

116 - The Tithandizane Child Helpline, a toll-free child protection line that is available 24/7 on Airtel, TNM, Access and MTL networks 5900 - Malawi Y- Report SMS Platform under YONECO 5600- GBV Crisis Line (includes HIV and SRH) 6600- Drug and Substances Crisis Line 997 - Police helpline – 997 (Rape crisis, domestic violence, sexual abuse)


A responsible adult you trust
A responsible adult you trust Health centres Your church pastor or layman School guidance and counselling clubs Youth friendly corners in clinics and hospitals Your friends Get more information from the media (radio, TV, newspapers, internet) NGOs and CSOs such as Youthnet and Counselling (YONECO), FPAM, BLM, UNFPA, UNICEF, Police Victim Support Unit, Community Victim Support Units

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