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Do you have questions on love, sex and relationships?

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KrTC: Dating sweet or sour?

My advice on relationships

Having a good relationship is the result of making good choices. My song Jack & Jill is the story of how it went wrong for a young couple. They don't make it 'up the hill' like in the nursery rhyme because of the bad decisions they make, both individually and as a couple. These land both of them in a situation that could have been easily avoided with a little honesty and trust.

There’s a part that says "I lost sight of my lady/ I called another baby/ I started acting shady".

I may have been guilty of that as well at times in my life! It can happen that you get to a point where you get so used to your partner’s awesomeness, you start looking for the 'next thrill' losing sight of the fact that you got the 'best thrill' right here with you all day, every day! Relationships are sweet, but in the words of fellow safe sex ambassador DJ Kaliwa: "It's sweet - but it could turn bitter". So take your time before you add sex to a relationship.

Ask questions. Read books. Mentally equip yourself so that you are emotionally and physically prepared. Sexual relationships can be a source of joy and comfort but can just as well be a source of anxiety.

**KrTC is an ambassador for the Safeguard Young People safe sex campaign.

His message is clear: Be sure that you are old enough to have sex – then, if it is what you want, make sure it is with a person you want.**

Listen to Just Us on the Safeguard Young People website by clicking here(Standard data charges will apply.)


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