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TMI! When you overshare

Stuff to keep off FB

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends and keep tabs on what's going on. But sometimes, people blur the line between what's appropriate and what isn't. Here are a few tips about things you shouldn’t put on Facebook:

Soppy statuses about your boyfriend/girlfriend
You're in love. Love is intimate. But Facebook is not. If you want to speak to your lover, speak to them. Send a text, give them a call or anything else that doesn't need to bypass 200 or more pairs of eyes.

Angry statuses or comments
It's never a good idea to write a status or send a message when you’re angry. Regardless of how private you keep your profile, there are always people watching. It’s easy for someone to take a picture and share what you’ve posted with the whole world. Once you put words out there, there's no taking them back.

A sexy photo
Whether you’re sending them by private message, or loading them to your profile - just don’t! It’s so easy to save a picture off of any site - and then share it around. Once something is on the internet, anyone could end up with it. Keep the visuals offline, all the time.

There is such a thing as TMI (too much info). Try to keep your personal life private. Did you ever read a FB post that had TMI? Or post something, then regret and delete it when reason came back to you? Let's hear about your embarrassing FB moments!


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