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Crazy, jealous love

What can you do?

When a new partner shows jealousy and possessiveness, you may feel so flattered! They send you texts all the time, calls you a few times every day and even give up their time with their friends to be with you. Surely this means they really like you?

All relationships start with an intense bonding period before the two people feel it's safe enough to give the other space. But if the intense period never fades, the overwhelming attention can start to feel uncomfortable.

If your partner doesn’t want you to hang out with other people or throws a tantrum when you don’t reply to their texts, watch out! It’s a warning sign of a controlling and maybe even abusive person. Because no matter what you do, you may not be able to make them feel loved or secure in your relationship.

It’s important to tell your partner that you love them and try to make them feel secure in the relationship. But if nothing you say seems to sink in, you need to consider breaking it off. Talk to an adult you trust to get advice on how to break off the crazy love before it gets out of hand,

Some jealousy is essential and naturally happens in all caring relationships. But all relationships require a bit of space. No matter how much someone loves you - or you love someone - they should never control who you talk to or what you do.

(adapted from Dr Eve’s Sex Book: A Guide for Young People)


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