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How to say sorry:

Even if you’ve done no wrong

Your friend is feeling hurt by something you did or said. Your mom is angry that you lied. You are in trouble for something you did - or didn’t do. There are many times in life you are going to be asked to apologise. Sometimes, it won’t even be your fault!

If someone is upset because of something you did, you'll want to set things right. Apologies are one of the tools we use to build good friendships and relationships. It may feel hard or unfair. But learning to apologise is a skill that will set you up for life.

If it feels too hard to apologise to someone in person, it may be easier to send a note, message or letter.

Here are some easy ways:

I am sorry.
Sorry I lied, it was stupid.
Sorry I hurt you, I was (angry / jealous / tired).
I was wrong and I want to apologise to you.
I shouldn’t have done / said that. I’m sorry.

Saying sorry doesn’t always mean you did something wrong. It means that you respect the other person and care about his or her feelings. Saying sorry also means you might need to change your actions - especially if someone has been hurt by something you’ve done, rather than said.


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I would always wanna make things right No having grudges with friends people around me It feels good****

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