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BadBoy: Drowning my sorrows

I gotta leave this holiday behind

I'm convinced that summer holidays are the devil in disguise. Being on holiday for such a long time has changed my behaviour.

Usually I only drink on the weekend or if my friends and I go out. But every day is the weekend now. I've been drinking a lot, almost every single day and it's been making me dread getting back to reality. Thinking about books and deadlines makes me sweat

But seriously, how do I stop? I look forward to drinking, it's the only way I can relax and forget.

If you feel that way too...I hate to say it, but we're in trouble.

When you go home it seems like you carry everyone's troubles, that's why you feel so sad. Alcohol seems like the perfect psychologist, but what you feel when you're tipsy or drunk - carefree, sexy, cool, and clever - is not real. Your problems are still there in the morning; and sometimes they are even bigger.

Holidays are a time to let loose. But when they're over, you need to leave that behaviour behind. Because that 'do nothing all day' reality doesn't fit with the real world.


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