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CityPrincess: I make the most of my assets

But I’m getting a reputation

I like my hair to look good. I like nice clothes and make-up. Matching the right shoes with the right outfit is important to me. But these things cost money. And so I have to admit that I love money.

But it seems that my love for money has given me a bad reputation.

I am often seen with rich guys. I just try to make sure they buy me something or give me money in the first few weeks of seeing each other. A girl likes to be spoiled.

My friends think I sleep with all these guys. People call me names. But the rumours are not true! Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t need the money - I just want it!

I am a good-looking girl. These guys want to spend money on me and take me out to boost their image and ego. So I let them.

Sometimes I even say no - but when I arrive at home, I find a gift or an envelope filled with money. Should I off cut my weaves to look more ugly and be less attractive to men?

I’m just making the most of what I’ve got. And as long as I choose this life and am not forced into it, I stay in charge!

Older men might enjoy spending time with a girl in exchange for a phone, a dress, a handbag or some cash. But a sugar daddy or ‘blesser’ may start to believe she owes him sex. And sex is a big deal. And it comes with the risk of HIV/STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

Sometimes there’s a fine line between taking advantage of a good situation - and selling yourself to the highest bidder. Our princess seems to know what side of that line she’s standing on. But is there someone you know who is not so clear? She may need help.


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