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MissCautious: Erm, where are these boobs I’m promised?

Still waiting for them to grow

Puberty only hit me at 14 – much, much later than the other girls. Including my little sister. It made me self-conscious and a little worried that I was going to stay that way forever.

I'm older now. But I still don't have those curves that I saw online and on the TV. I wear the smallest B-cup bra and my jeans are a size 28.

For a while it bothered me. I just didn't feel womanly enough. What made things was worse was the boys I grew up with idolised ‘Kim K’ bodies. It made me feel like no-one would ever want me because of the way I looked.

Then I decided to stop with the hate.

I found articles online about body positivity and loving myself. Every day I looked in the mirror and told myself: ‘Girl, you are beautiful and perfect exactly the way you are’. At first it felt ridiculous talking to the mirror. But eventually it became my thing.

I still have bad days, when I just don't like how I don’t fill a pair of jeans, or notice how big my nose can look in a certain light. But I've realised that even if I love my body, I don’t always have to like it.

That is how love works after all, right? Love is seeing what is wrong with something – but choosing to love it all the same...

Do you like the way you look? If you don’t, take the good advice of MissCautious and love yourself anyway. Very few people have the bodies we see on the TV. You’re perfect and beautiful in ways that are unique to you. Click on the links below for more.


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