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MyStory: My father took other wives

What’s that gonna cost him?

I grew up in a happy family in a small village. We were five kids My family was well known because my father was rich man. Life was pretty awesome.

Then my father took more wives and they had children. The family started to get so big that my father couldn’t look after all of us. He wasn’t rich anymore.

He wasn’t able to afford all his wives and children. So he told us that that each wife would have to take care of her children without his help. After a few months my mother, who was the first wife, decided to get a divorce. She could not accept my father’s behaviour any more.

The second wife didn’t want us to leave. She begged my mom to stay. Then she asked my mom to leave us with our father. My mom said she would never do that! We left and we haven’t seen my father since. He's never sent money or asked how we are doing.

This Tune Me reader struggled to deal with his/her father having many wives. How would you cope in the same situation? Would you be as upset as this reader’s mother?

This story was written by a Tune Me community member.


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its kinda of frustrating the small family wasn't managed well and then it doubles or triples surely i would be upset with him

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