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MyStory: Is she cheating

Or just ignoring me?

Late one night I was checking messages on this social app and I met this girl. She lived a few towns away/ We started chatting online. We started messaging every day. Soon I knew I had started to fall in love with her. It was a jackpot! A match made in heaven!

Even though we hadn’t met, I knew how I felt about her. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes!

It all went really well for a month. We even managed to meet up once when I was visiting my aunt in her town. It was the best day ever.

But then everything changed. Out of the blue she stopped messaging me. First, she wouldn’t text unless I did. Then she would just reply with just a one liner. Then she would read my message, but she wouldn’t message me back.

I kept asking her to meet up again. But each time she gave me a different excuse. I felt like I was forcing her to make a conversation. Like she had better things to do that speak to me.

I asked her if she wanted us to break up. But she cried and told me that I am all she wants. But I don't get it. Is what we have love? Does she regret loving me but can’t find a way to tell me? Or is she lying to me and seeing someone else?

Conducting a relationship over messages can lead to confusing and mixed messages. It is hard to know what a person is thinking over text. A long lasting relationship requires you to spend time together. And a relationship should make you feel loved and safe. If you’re always feeling confused and mixed up, this might not be the person for you.

This story was written by Tune Me community member.


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