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How Girls Orgasm

What’s the Fuss All About?

An orgasm is a feeling of intense pleasure from sexual stimulation. It is a series of very pleasurable, rapid contractions of the vagina, uterus and anus. Some women have more subtle feelings.

How can you have an orgasm?
Orgasms (also called coming or ‘cumming’) come from sexual stimulation, usually of the genitals. One way to have an orgasm is through masturbation or touching yourself in a way that feels pleasurable. It’s safe and normal to masturbate. However, masturbation is one of those topics that not everyone agrees on. For some people, it is against their religious beliefs or personal values. The choice to masturbate or not is a personal one that only you can make based on your own values and beliefs. If you do decide to do it, always do it in private. Masturbating is a safe, pleasurable way to learn about your body. If you learn first how to have an orgasm by yourself, it may be easier for you to have one when you have sex with someone else.

How will your body feel?
As you start to feel aroused (turned on or horny), you may feel your vagina getting wetter. This is a normal sign of excitement and also acts as lubrication when you have sex. You may also notice your breasts become fuller and your nipples tighten and harden. The blood flow to your genitals increases, your clitoris becomes hard or erect and more sensitive to the touch.

Why is it called climaxing?
When the clitoris is touched or stimulated for some time, it may feel like you are getting closer and closer to a peak of feeling. When you reach that high point, which is called “climaxing”, your internal sex organs and even other muscles, like your toes, will contract rapidly and release the sexual tension that has built up in your muscles and organs. A climax is the most intense, exciting or highest point of something or the culmination – so that’s why the we use the word for orgasm too.

How will you know if you've had an orgasm?
Most people agree that it’s a very nice feeling – like waves of pleasure going through your whole body. For most women, it is not something that sneaks up on you. Most likely you’ll know once you’ve had an orgasm!

What if I can't orgasm?
Most girls can orgasm, but many find it hard to learn how at first. And it is so easy for guys! If you are finding it difficult, masturbation can help, if it is not against your beliefs. Depending on a lot of things, it may take a few minutes or ages to get there.

Masturbation is a personal choice. It is against the beliefs of some people. For those who think it is okay, it is a safe way to learn about your own body and what feels good. It is also a fun and safe way to enjoy your body without having sex.


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Masturbation is good because it prevent you from getting sexual transmitted diseases and keep you safe

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Masturbation is illegal

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