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MissCautious: I drank too much

I ruined everything

Drinking too much can ruin your life. Trust me, I know.

It all started out as a fun night out. We went to get a few drinks at a nearby bar. I don’t really drink much and I am not sure why I did that night. A few drinks turned into a lot of drinks…

When my cousin's boyfriend decided to leave, I remembered I also wanted an early night so I walked with him. My cousin stayed behind. She didn’t think anything of us leaving together. She trusted us.

We walked and talked quietly in the dark. I don't know how it happened or what came over us, but we started kissing. My heart was beating. It was wrong - but so exciting! I could feel he was excited too. The alcohol made me feel like I didn’t care about anything and I let it take control.

We kissed outside the corner of his house - in plain view of his street, not even hidden in the darkness. Maybe the alcohol, the attraction and the fear of getting caught made it even more exciting.

But now I hate that night. I would do anything to go back and undo it. I can't even face my cousin because I wouldn't know what to say. I feel so ashamed. I know that she will find out eventually. I wish I could turn back the clock.

The worst thing is that I did this it to myself.

Drinking too much can lead to poor judgment - and bad decisions. Know your own drinking limit so you don't find yourself in situations you can't handle - or that you’ll live to regret.


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