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Don't fall pregnant too young

It’s a big decision. A baby is forever

Having a baby demands a lot of responsibility from the moment you fall pregnant! If you are young and your body is still developing, pregnancy may cause some health problems for both you and your baby. It is best for a girl’s body to be fully developed before she falls pregnant.

What could go wrong?

If you fall pregnant when you’re still going through puberty, you and your baby will compete for the nutrients in what you eat (because your body is growing and the baby wants to grow). Because of this, you both could suffer from:

Babies are forever
You will have a lot to think about for your baby’s future as well as your own. For example, have you thought about…

Having a baby is for life. Girls who finish school first get further in life. They are more likely to get the skills to support themselves, their children and their whole family. Children of educated and mature women (for example, 20 years and above) are more likely to survive and be educated. Make sure that when you have a baby, you are prepared yourself and can offer your child a better life!

If you are pregnant, you do have choices. Find out your family planning options at government health facilities, Banja Lamtsogolo or Blue star clinics.


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Is abortion legal in Malawi??

3 months, 1 week Ago Report

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Tune Me Moderator

Thanks for the question, Abortion is not legal in Malawi, but we encourage the provision of post abortion care that is if an abortion has already taken place under various circumstances. Post-abortion care (PAC) is a treatment given to a woman who presents at a health center or hospital with complications, usually bleeding or infection, due to an incomplete abortion or miscarriage. Medical care, including medication or surgery, is given to the woman to evacuate the uterus and to save her life.

3 months Ago
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