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All these happy FB friends

Do you look hot enough?

Amazing lives – that’s what social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram promote. All your friends look so great. They are having fun this holiday and almost have YOLO (You Only Live Once) tattooed on every photo. And you are stuck at home.

But are they all having such fun in real life? Not really, according to researchers. According to one study most girls and guys go out of their way to look cool on social media networks. Sexy selfies, crazy parties and good friends. But they could actually be sitting at home alone just like you.

The posed, edited, filtered pics can really make you feel like your life falls short. Like you are a loser. Or you are not thin or cool enough. That you have no friends. But researchers say most of these photos are faked. Which means you don’t have to worry, everyone else is normal - just like you.

The study suggested that if there are people on Facebook who make you feel bad about yourself, blocking their posts isn’t the worst idea.

Don’t trust what you see online! Many people are out there faking fun. Stick to your real life and your real friends. That’s where the real memories are made. Guys and girls – do you suffer from Facebook envy or feel like a “loser” because your social life isn’t rocking like your friends’ seem to be?


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