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Yeast infections in girls are pretty common. In fact at least one in three girls have one during their lifetime. Although the infections are rarely dangerous there are nonetheless steps you can take to keep yourself from having to suffer through the discomfort.

Keeping your body healthy and happy not only translates into how you view yourself but how others look at you too. Visit a clinic near you to find out more about how to keep healthy and protect yourself.


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I would like to get help. I get re occurring yeast infenctions. I've been going to clinics, BLM and the school clinic. I get suppositories either in 3day dosages or one day plus flagyl. It doesnt seem to help since the infection keeps coming back. I've changed my diet, eating more vegies, more fruits, less sugar, but the infection wont go away, I've tried natural remedies, but no progress. I miss my healthy vagina. I don't feel like going to the clinica again because the nurses are very rude. Please help

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