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What’s the deal with waiting?

Sex Choices a Girl Can Make With Pride!

You can choose not to have sex until you feel you are ready. When you are not having sex over a period of time, we say you are abstaining from sex. People choose to abstain from sex for a number of very good reasons.

Why wait?

Here are some reasons you may not have thought about:

The pressure to lose your virginity may be intense. Respect yourself enough to make your own decision and agree only when you’re ready.

Sexy, not sex
There are a number of other great ways you can be sexy without having penetrative sex (vaginal, anal or oral). You can kiss, touch each other, cuddle, go to the movies or play games. Many people also masturbate in private if they feel aroused. These are all safe behaviours as you wait for the time that is right for you. This may come at 16, for others at 18, others at 20, 25 or 30. Everyone’s decision is right for him or her.

Abstinence or waiting for the right time is a choice you can be proud of. You can make this choice any time.

Does having sex make you a man? Find out below:


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Waiting saves me many stuff more especially regretes isee fellas regreting for what they have brought upon themselves for rushing am no spoiling my life just like that.... No

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