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BadBoy: I’m No Virgin Loser

I’m doing it early!

When I was younger I always thought that losing your virginity was a big deal. So I just wanted to lose mine as quickly as I could and no matter how. After all, most of my friends had lost theirs. Or so they said.

I lost my virginity at 15, to a girl who was way more experienced than I was. I had no feelings for her. I just wanted to have sex for the sake of saying that I did it.

I’ve done it a lot since then...

But recently I started to think back on my first time. It was something a friend said. He’s 18 and he's saving himself for a close-to-perfect girl... he's not prepared to lose his virginity to just any girl. He is waiting for someone special.

Hearing this made me really think about what I had done. My first time was nothing to write home about. Hearing his reasons for waiting, made me realise that my reasons for doing it weren’t really about me - but just so I could tell my friends I’d done it.

Looking back, I feel bad for the girl. She meant nothing to me. I didn’t even think it could hurt her that I was bragging all over town.

So if by any chance you’re still a virgin, don't just give it up for anyone.

Make sure you lose it on your terms and make it a memory you want to keep. Take it from me - it doesn't make a single bit of difference to your friends in the end. They will slap you on the back and forget the very next moment.

The pressure to lose your virginity may be intense. But it's a private and personal choice and nobody else's business. If you wait until you are really sure, then you're doing the right thing. Don't let anybody make you feel like a virgin loser.


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am saving mine for someone special... i dont want to have regrets like bad boy, am gonna do it when am ready for someone special.......

5 years, 12 months Ago Report

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U ain't lying

3 years, 10 months Ago Report
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