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LoverBoy: My sweet cousin’s crushing on me

But isn’t she too young?

I hadn’t seen her in ages. She moved back to town to spend a holiday with my family. The second I saw her, my eyes popped. Wow. Inside my heart, I wished she wasn’t related to me. She was 14 but she was beautiful. And I could see she had a crush on me too.

We flirted for days. I was having such fun.

Then one night when I was sleeping she had come into the room. I woke to find her sitting by my bed stroking my hand. Warning bells. Had I taken it too far, even for my Loverboy reputation?

“I wanted to say goodnight,” she said. “Aren’t you going to give me a hug?”

I hugged her, but I could tell she wanted more.

“Is that all?” she asked.

Of course it crossed my mind! But something inside me told me to stop this. I knew it would be wrong. She was too young at 14 and also... well, it’s just wrong!

I stopped anything from happening that night and I told her she was like my sister. I could see she was angry.

But from that day on, I cut my feelings for her and moved on.

Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong makes LoverBoy a cool guy. Encouraging a young girl to crush on you is a bad move. Even worse: your own cousin!


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phiona phiri


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i love this story 2 much

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