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MissCautious: Not until I say yes

My girl power is waiting

At school, I got the idea that abstinence means staying in your room for the rest of your life. Really, they have to explain it better. I mean who wants to live like that?

The way I see it, abstaining from sex is the most grown-up choice a young person can make. It's a million times more grown up than having sex!

I've thought about this a lot and I choose to abstain from having sex until I know I am ready.

It's not because the bible or my mom told me so. It’s because I don't want to raise a child while I am a child myself. It’s because I don't want to expose my body to disease. And it’s because I want to be in charge of my future.

So girls, I say to you: don't let your friends convince you that it’s cool to have sex. Don’t let any guy convince you that you are missing out by not going all the way. Your life is your life. You can satisfy yourself!

Abstinence can be hard if a partner is putting you under pressure. But your body is your body and you will have to deal with what happens to it. Only agree to losing your virginity when it’s your own choice and it happens in a way that is happy, natural, safe (with a condom!) and comfortable.


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