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My Story: Too Fat for Love

Will a girl ever look at me?

Since my childhood I always wondered why my body size was so huge as compared to other boys of my age. I remember in my first year at school, other kids would run around chasing each other as they played while I would remain behind watching them.

I felt weak and heavy and couldn’t catch up with them. When I cried about it at home mum comforted me and told me that this is the way I was born and could not change anything about it. As I grew up I began to accept my body size and tried to be positive about it. My friends all still laughed at me and teased me.

I am turning 18 this year. I did my Grade 12 last year and had an opportunity to be in a class with a lot of pretty girls. Some would laugh at me while others liked being friends with me because I am smart. I got good grades and I have manners.

I developed feelings for a certain girl whom I was close with but I failed to tell her because I thought she might not like me because of me being overweight.

I am a school leaver just staying at home and without a girlfriend. Recently I proposed to a girl and you won’t believe what said, she told me that “I am too fat for love". I don’t like my body size. It's too huge for me and I have a small voice. I look like a 35-year-old rich guy with obesity while I am only 18. I don’t know if I will ever be loved.

Some things about your body you can’t change, but with the help of a dietician and some medical tests, this Tune Me reader may find he can change his weight and take more control of his health. But beauty is more than skin deep and kindness, success and intelligence are also attractive. Many girls love a big guy.


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I can honestly say i get your struggle being above average myself but don't ever lead yourself into believing that you are not deserving of love because of how you look. No matter your shape and size there is a love for you out there you just gotta brave through the negativity that's out there to find it😀

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