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SmartSista: Are you old enough?

To have a boyfriend

Some girls get angry when I ask them about their ‘boyfriend’. They say: “Who are you to ask me if I'm old enough to have a boyfriend?”

I just don’t think people of 14, 15 or 16 should be in a serious relationship. I say ‘serious’ - because what else do you call it when you’re spending all your time together; even sleeping together? Is this any age to behave like this? I think not!

In your early teens, you should be able to say to yourself: Yes, this feels right for someone my age. Because there is nothing young or carefree about dealing with a possible pregnancy, a bad reputation or an unexplained itch.

You may feel that dating right now is of the utmost importance. But I'll let you in on a secret: these guys (or girls) aren’t going to be around for very long. They will come and go. The only things that will still be around when you are 19, are your family and your self-respect.

Now, get out there and see what happens when you stop thinking about boys all the time!

Girls, do you really need to be in a serious relationship when you're just starting out in life? Are you really in love – or just looking for love, attention and a relationship status?


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