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BadBoy: I hate Valentine's Day

Sorry ladies, it sucks!

I hate Valentine's Day - it's just way too much pressure for the guy.

If a guy's trying to save face, he'll try and give you some story about how people don't know what the meaning of the day is. That they don't know what it represents.

He'll go on about how it's become commercialized - just another money making holiday.

Those that think they're clever will go on about how people should show their love all the time - not just on one calendar day so that they can get it over and done with and then tick it off.

They'll scoff at people who measure how much they're loved by the stuff they get.

A guy might even tell you that he doesn't believe in it. That his love language is different; he cares more about spending time with his girl or doing something for her than buying something for her.

All of these reasons are just excuses. The truth is pretty simple. Valentine's Day is a big fat expense, and blowing your budget on one day when you've still got bills to pay and groceries to buy just isn't practical. Sorry ladies.

Is BadBoy right? Is Valentine's Day about love or is just about money?


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